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Jamie, Sarah and I saw Wolverine, a movie which is intended to be an action flick for women to oggle Hugh Jackman. (Be warned, women, you may want to sit on a towel while watching it.) Sal was going to see it with us but came down with a sinus head-ache.

Liev Schreiber was good and Danny Huston is always good value, even if he was verbally channeling his father John to the point that I half expected him to call Jackman Mr Gitts, the way Huston pere did to Jack Nicholson in Chinatown. Not a bad movie, but it contained way too many action movie cliches.

Dinner at Thy Thy 1 in Victoria Street Richmond was interesting. We were doing really well and enjoying the food right up until Sarah ordered the last course, chicken wrapped around lemongrass stems. Ate some of it, including some vermicelli noodles laid down as a base for the dish and then Sarah pointed out the dainty little cockroach (marinated in sauce) where the noodles I ate had been.

Instant upset tummy. We spoke to the mean-spirited management who only knocked about 1/3rd off the bill in spite of our protests. I should have taken a picture of the added extra with my phone cam but didn't think of it until the plate was whisked away by a waiter. Three miffed diners hit the street and promised to get together again to see Star Trek and to attend J&S's Eurovision party.
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  • 10:31 Watching Whirlpool is.gd/wdai film noir. Rated PG on the DVD cover for "mild themes". Does that mean the music is sotto voce? #film #
  • 15:02 At Victoria Gardens to see Wolverine. Sunday traffic sux but the coffee is good #
  • 20:32 Saw Wolverine, was okay. Had dinner at Thy Thy 1 with Jamie and Sarah. Found a small cockroach in the last course. Ugh. Got $25 off the meal #
  • 08:18 @JustineLavaworm It's an old phenomenon. Elusive Butterfly Of Love by Bobby Goldsboro is extra creepy. #
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